I am the owner of Marianne Lucille Photography. My full name is Marianne Lucille Brown. My first name is a combination of my Grandmother (Mary) and Great Grandmother (Anne) names and my middle name is from my Great Aunt (Lucille). I was born and raised in Savannah, however, my parents are from New York so I spent many summers driving up and down Long Island. I have two younger brothers, Bob and Pat. I have my bachelor's degree in both Fine Arts and Nursing. I want to help and educate people - which is why I feel such a strong connection to being a wedding photographer and a nurse. 

I enjoy photographing pretty much anything, however, weddings are definitely my favorite. Everything from the details to the emotional first dances... I sincerely enjoy every second of it. 

Memories are precious. The best way to preserve those memories is through photography. I always try my hardest to make sure that my couples get exactly what they wanted from their photography experience. I want everyone I photograph to feel comfortable and to thoroughly enjoy their wedding day. Above everything else, the number one thing that I do on a wedding day is become the calming force for you and your fiancé - no matter what happens. Whether it rains, it's 10 degrees outside or your flowers show up late - remember, you're here to get MARRIED. That's literally the only reason why all these people showed up - to see you and the love of your life start this new amazing chapter in your lives. 

​If this is what you're looking for in a photography team, then let's chat!

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I'd been thinking long and hard about how I could better serve the couples that come my way. As one person, there are only so many weddings I can comfortably manage in one year – I simply can't be in two places at once. I want you all to meet someone AMAZING who will take care of you on your wedding day, just as well as I would! Her name is Kayley and she's now joining the Marianne Lucille Photography TEAM!! Yes - you read that right - TEAM!!! Kayley will be available to capture your wedding day if I'm unavailable or if my pricing is just a little bit out of your range! And the best part about it is that Kayley's been shooting with me for THREE YEARS. So, more than likely, you won't even miss me, because Kayley knows what I want captured and how to go about shooting your wedding day the same way that I would. Your wedding photos will seamlessly fall into place within my other wedding galleries and you won't even be able to tell who shot what wedding. I'm telling you - adding Kayley to your wedding day will be fantastic, just wait and see!!

With the addition of Kayley to the MLP family, we are going to be able to impact so many more couples' lives than I could do by myself. I will be doing the communicating with all the MLP couples and guiding them along with their wedding experience, and then Kayley will be the artist that captures the engagement session and/or wedding day. Marianne Lucille Photography is all about connecting with your photographer and the experience that follows, so we want to make sure that you get at least a facetime session with Kayley before your big day too. 


Hey y’all, I’m Kayley and I live in the historic city of Savannah, GA. I fell in love with photography originally through film, then branched out to regularly shooting digital with my Canon 5d mark iv. I believe in celebrating the little things in life, because each day is a blessing from the Lord. I love capturing the everyday lives of people to give them the chance to hold on to, and cherish, a special moment in time. I love my job, capturing the real love stories that we dreamt about when we’re little. I would love to celebrate these life stepping stones with you and capture your memories while we celebrate!

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portrait of marianne against a ivy covered wall in savannah, ga

a few fun facts about marianne

• Some of my favorite tv shows are 30 Rock, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Project Runway, House Hunters International and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

• I have a few dislikes when it comes to food and they are a little"weird". ​I do not like yogurt, ice cream or chocolate. I can't help it! 

• I love to travel. Like for real. I love traveling in a car, a train, a boat or a plane. I've been very lucky & seen a lot of the US & parts of Europe. ​But, I want mooore!

• If I'm not shooting, you can usually find me hanging out with my little frenchie pup Eleanor, watching tv or traveling to meet up with family & friends.

• I recently purchased a home and I'm working on renovating everything!! Make sure to check in with my progress on IG stories!

portrait of kayley against a ivy covered wall in savannah, ga

a few fun facts about kayley

• I currently have 2 little ones. Ms Poppy was born this past December and I'm so glad to have a happy, healthy, thriving little family.

• Through college I worked mostly as a server at a few different restaurants and hated every minute of it. One day I realized that instead of trying to just get through every day working a job that I hated, I could do something that I enjoyed, that I loved!

• My husband, Josh, is a musician who was on American Idol for a few episodes. He plays all over the low country & loves every minute of it.

• I just went FULL TIME as a photographer and it was the BEST decision I've made for me and my family. I love getting to pursue my passion while also getting to spend time with my family. It's simply the best!

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Content Creation


Erin is a new addition to the MLP family. We are so happy to offer content creation to not only our couples, but any and all couples in the southeast! Erin is the perfect addition to your wedding day team so you don't have to ask your wedding party to take videos or photos of you throughout the day. Plus the content captured is sent to you within 24-hrs of your event! She also offers pre-made reels + tiktoks for you to post, IG story takeover and more!

Follow her on IG - @coatsalcontentbymlp



“Marianne shot my engagement photos as well as my wedding day photos and I couldn’t have picked a better person to do so! Her work is so amazing and she really took the time to get to know us personally... Marianne is the sweetest person and I was so happy to have her capture our big day!”