stunning locations for your savannah engagement session

I thought that since I've lived in Savannah MY ENTIRE LIFE, that I should write a blog post about some of my favorite Savannah engagement session locations. I want to help to my clients in every way that I can, so why not give a visual along with a description of the location. People usually have an idea about the kind of backdrop they want for their engagement session, and Savannah fortunately offers quite a few different looks all within a 30 to 45 minute drive across the city. Whether it's old buildings and cobblestones, giant tangling oaks covered with moss or among the sea oats out at Tybee - I've got you covered.

engagement session at wormsloe historic park in savannah, ga
engagement session at wormloe historic park in savannah, ga

Wormsloe Historical site

If you want to find yourself under an entire road lined with oak trees and moss, then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. There is a $25 photography fee, however, you're more than welcome to take a tour of the grounds after the session is over. Once you get to the end of the road that is drivable, there is a stone battery on your way to the marsh and lots of walking trails between the trees. There's also a beautiful stone arch at the entrance which is another lovely space to take additional photos, as long as we can dodge all the cars turning in to also tour the plantation.

engagement session at fort pulaski in savannah, ga

The beach at fort pulaski

I always encourage couples to bring their pets if they want to take photos with them, because, aren't they are part of the family too?! The beach at Ft. Pulaski is a perfect dog friendly location that achieves the same vibe as Tybee, but won't get us in trouble with the Tybee Police. The beach usually has a nice breeze, but for the walk to the beach, you may want to bring some bug spray. However, while you're on the grounds, you might as well take a few more photos around the fort grounds. You may even get to watch a giant tanker ship ride by. Admission is $10/person but they also sell annual passes and military get in for free.

engagement session in monterey square of downtown savannah, ga
engagement session in monterey square of downtown savannah, ga
engagement session in monterey square in downtown savannah, ga

Monterey square

Monterey Square is my FAVORITE square downtown. I even recently discovered that my birthday (minus the year) is on the statue in the middle of this square. It's a short walk away from Forsyth Park and Jones Street. Alex Raskins also provides an additional gorgeous backdrop with a stunning outdoor staircase and then they have these textured walls - I mean, to another person, you might just walk by them and be like "oh cool...", but to me - ALL THE HEART EYES. The texture creates such a nice neutral backdrop for portraits and the lighting right there is amazing. Like for real. AMAZING.

engagement session in forsyth park of downtown savannah, ga
engagement session in forsyth park of downtown savannah, ga

forsyth park

​There are so many spots in Forsyth Park where I love to shoot. In front of the fragrant garden is one of them. Now, the garden is open from 12-4pm (I think!), so people will be walking into the frame and think that they are invisible (eye roll from me in their direction - haha). BUT this spot has some of the nicest light I've ever seen in the park. Plus those winding oak tree branches above... SWOON. There's a spot that has similar lighting at the North end of the park (close to Gaston St.). If I have to shoot a wedding party, I usually to go this spot so everyone fits. There are also many spots that have lovely blooming trees and bushes during the early spring (Feb/March) and then Magnolias in the early summer (May/June). Then there's the fountain in the middle of Forsyth, which is one of the stops normal stops to go to take a selfie. It's a Savannah icon (especially in March when the water is dyed green)!! A fountain surrounded by oak trees and Spanish moss definitely makes for a fantastic backdrop. Now, this spot is USUALLY crowded with people or a wedding if it's a Saturday, but, occasionally you can find a break in the chaos and get a few images without too many people wandering into the frame.

engagement session outside the pink house in savannah, ga

pink house

Right outside the Pink House is, of course, a pretty PINK wall. If I'm looking to add more *pop* to my photos, I always head straight to this spot. It's fun to have a couple stand in separate openings or share the same one. This spot can get busy with road traffic, but it's definitely a nice spot to stop when you're on your way towards Factor's Walk.

engagement session on jones street in savannah, ga
engagement session on jones street in savannah, ga

jones street

I've heard from some of the tour guides that the phrase "keeping up with the Jones's" originated from this street. I'm not sure if I 100% believe that, but this street is definitely gorgeous. The trees cover the street and intertwine right above all of these amazing historical homes. I LOVE getting couples to stand in the middle of the street and snuggle in for a sweet kiss like the image above.

engagement session at the UGA aquarium in savannah ga
engagement session at the uga aquarium on skidaway island in savannah ga

on the water at the uga aquarium

The UGA aquarium I feel is a secret (not so secret) spot that I love to shoot at. It has huge oak trees covered with moss PLUS a dock that goes out over the water. Now, gnats are definitely a thing in Savannah, and this location can unfortunately have a large amount of them. But, if there's a little bit of a breeze, this spot is MAGICAL, especially 30 minutes before sunset.

engagement session at the coastal empire fair in savannah, ga
engagement session at the coastal empire fair in savannah, ga

coastal empire fair

So, I went to the fair like 2 years ago to shoot this engagement session. I'm going to be honest, I was a tad worried about how it was going to look. But I think this session is definitely one of my favorite sessions thus far! All the colors, the couple who had found memories of going to the fair with their families and of course the fair food (funnel cakes, cotton candy, corn dogs - oh my!).

engagement session in lafayette square in savannah, ga
engagement session in lafayette square in savannah, ga

Lafayette Square

​I went to high school at St. Vincent's which is literally around the corner from Lafayette Square, so I know this spot VERY well. The square is one of the more picturesque squares, in my honest opinion. There's a green fountain, nice lush grass, the Hamilton Turner Inn, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and other historical homes. If you decide to shoot here, it's a short walk away from Forsyth Park and Monterey Square. Along the way, there's a nice ivy covered wall that is also nice to take a few photos in front of.

engagement session at the uga aquarium in savannah, ga
engagement session at the uga aquarium in savannah, ga

under the oaks at the uga aquarium

Again, this is a really nice spot for photos. So nice that I had to share it TWICE. Mostly, so you could see that this location has TONS of oaks and moss. It's soooo nice. It's also a good spot to take your dog for a walk or just walk around for fun. You may even find a manatee or a dolphin in the water! Just be careful not to go there too early in the afternoon, because this is a big spot for school/summer camp field trips too.