Julia and Nick came down to Savannah to finalize their wedding day details. They also realized that this would be a perfect time for us to finally meet and take their engagement photos. We decided to meet in Emmet Park for a few reasons - it's downtown and close to their hotel, it has gorgeous oak trees which remind me of Wormsloe and it gave us access to other great locations in the downtown area. We ended up walking from Emmet Park to Factor's Walk and then down to River Street. We had a lot of downtown to ourselves, because it was a weekday evening, which is one of my favorite times to shoot for this very reason. We got to chatting about their tastings earlier that day at Soho & Churchill's Pub, Little Rock, Arkansas, professions, favorite spots in Savannah and alll the wedding day details. One of the reasons I always suggest that couples do an engagement session with their photographer is so that they can meet in person, get comfortable with one another and get used to how their photographer works. My approach to taking engagement photos is to help pose my couples but let things happen and allow them to have fun with it. Of course, if a pose looks funny or they have hair in their face - I'll definitely tell them, but for the most part I want things to move naturally and photograph them just having fun. Most couples feel a little awkward at the beginning of the shoot because they've never had photos taken together before, but by the end they are pros and even adding their own moves into the mix. It's a totally normal feeling, but no worries - because I've got you!! Julia & Nick had it down quick! Their session was so fun and made me really excited for their wedding day!